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By Maggie Prevenas, Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Necker Island
August 14th

O Fairy terns white
Circle slim basalt backbOne
Thirty three black spires
One white feather

Frigate bird sentry
Thick green mat
Birds scream cOral
O Kupuna
Is the cache lOst

Pirates map their treasure
It's here
Can we recOver the priceless
O is the cache lOst O
Kupuna Islets teach
Shhhhhhhh, lOOk and listen

French Frigate Shoals
August 15th

Waters cobalt blue
Provide healing power
For islands and people, flora and fauna
Salt water flows over me and all around
It is a cure for many augues
The island reefs are shallow pools
The fish and coral know
This is paradise
The monk seals know
Here they are safe
The green sea turtles know
Listen to their eyes

August 16th

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean
Is an archipelago called Hawaii
Let go of the main islands
And float west, and float north
The stars will guide you to
Hawaiian Kupuna Isles

In the middle of the kupunas
As bold as a navel is French Frigate Shoals
So bold
Ships are lost
While navigating the waters
So curious no land, save coral atolls
Some disappear
Like Atlantis

In the Pacific
Like Atlantis, civilization lost
The ocean warm and blue she keeps a secret
Sandy bottom cradles skeletons
Animal, vegetable and mineral
Bones of organisms settle into cracks and chasms
Until you forget what was there
O Kupuna, we are ready
Teach us your wisdom through beauty
Mahalo Atlantis

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