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Ship Logs

10/2/02 - Rapture

Latitude: 26° 03.110' N

Longitude: 174° 01.400' W
Area Name: North side of Lisianski Island

1011.7 mb and decreasing
Winds: 15 mph NW
Description: Cloudy, scattered showers.
Forecast: Low pressure moving through with high following. Cloudy. Scattered showers.

Sea Conditions:
6-8' NW mixed w/East
Current: 6 Knots.

Daily Vessel Plan:
Scheduled Activities:

REA (Rapid Ecological Assessment) Team A: 3 dives - 1st N of Island. Wave exposed deeper reef (60') highly eroded and scoured. Last dive shallow patch near island. Reef composed of older dead coral and macro algae but numerous coral recruits.

REA (Rapid Ecological Assessment) Team B: 3 dives - 1st to 80' on North side of island, calm and quiet below while wind blew and waves broke above. Good coral cover and seaweed. Few fish. Second dive more variety in fish, lots of zooplankton in clouds near bottom. Algae covered with diatom scuz. Third dive in mouth of shoal. Mainly sand. Found Asparogopsis on it. (Limu kohu)

Coral Team : 22nd permanent monitoring transect established on N side of island. One 40 cm coral core of Porites evermanni acquired off West reef.

Maritime Archaeology : Computer work day.

Terrestrial Team: Burrow quadrats on island.

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Red Footed Booby.



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