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Census of Marine Life, Census of Coral Reefs Expedition to French Frigate Shoals (October 2006)

Ship Logs

Plankton Nets

Lead Scientist: Scott Godwin, Gustav Paulay
Target Habitats: Water column--fore reef, lagoonal
Target Organisms: Plankton

Plankton nets sample plankton communities. We propose to do 10 subsurface tows with a 1 m diameter, 100 um net to sample local plankton at 5 fore reef and 5 lagoonal sites. Collected plankton samples will be divided in half, half fixed in formalin for morphological study and half fixed in 95% ethanol. Plankton includes taxa that spend their entire life in the water column (holoplankton), as well as the larval stages of benthic species (meroplankton). DNA barcoding techniques provide a novel method for matching planktonic larval and benthic adult stages. Barcoding plankton samples will also allow us to estimate what percentage of the benthic fauna were successfully sampled by providing an independent estimate of that fauna in their larval stages: thus the proportion of meroplankter sequences encountered that are not represented in the benthos is an indication of how incomplete benthic sampling has been.

Zooplankton illustration by Mark J. Rauzon.

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Ship Logs

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