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Census of Marine Life, Census of Coral Reefs Expedition to French Frigate Shoals (October 2006)

Ship Logs

Collections for Cryptofauna Analysis

Target Habitats: Forereef, Reef Crest, Backreef
Target Organisms: Cryptic epifauna

Pocillopora sp. rubble will be collected to look for cryptofauna. A sampling of rubble Pocillopora sp. will be collected over the course of the cruise, the invertebrates will be extracted in the ship-board laboratory and the rubble returned to the water. Each invertebrate organism will be preserved in 95% ethanol. The organism's associated data will be recorded: collector, taxonomic confirmation, date, georeference coordinates, picture etc. DNA will be extracted using commercial kits. Mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I, 5' segment (COI-5') will be amplified and sequenced. The sequences will allow identification of previously described species, biodiversity information on invertebrates living in this environment and will be used in barcoding studies to help future researchers identify taxonomically challenging taxa. Barcode sequences will be submitted to the Barcode of Life Initiative and GenBank and the results will also be submitted to the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS).

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Ship Logs

Ship Logs:
Day-by-day activities of the expedition.

Daily or semi-daily personal journal entries by the particpants in the expedition. These journals do not necessarily reflect the positions of any of the agencies connected with this project.

Interviews with expedition participants, scientists, vessel crew, educators, etc.

Highlights or special information such as interesting discoveries, articles or related research.

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